The Knowledge To Protect You In Mobilehome Park Closures And Park-Wide Evictions

At Tatro & Lopez, LLP, our mobile home park lawyers represent people and homeowners associations (HOAs) in San Diego, Southern California and throughout the state in complex mobile home park cases like these. Our attorneys have decades of experience in the practice of law — a level of experience that sets them apart in this nuanced area.

While park closure may not always be avoided, homeowners and HOAs have special legal rights, including the right to relocation benefits that are essential to finding and affording a new home. Very few law firms in California are well-versed in the complexity of mobile home park closures, conversions and parkwide evictions, and even fewer have such a genuine concern for upholding mobile home owners’ rights. Contact us to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer at our firm.

Mobilehome Park Attorneys Working For Good People

When land in California was initially developed for mobilehome parks, it was not valued as highly as it is now. Due to changes in the market and the everincreasing value of land along the California coast, many people who own a home in a mobilehome park or manufactured housing community may end up facing unfair eviction and the complete loss of their home when the underlying land is sold to a new real estate developer, and the park is converted or changed to another use that is more profitable to the park owner. They also may face issues where issues arise concerning utilities such as sewage lines no longer being operable, homeowners face drainage problems, or electrical issues continue to arise.

Tatro & Lopez, LLP, routinely provides representation concerning issues that arise impacting all residents of the mobilehome park. Because of our in-depth knowledge of this area of law, we often represent HOAs and members of class actions lawsuits.

Unparalleled Strength, Preparation And A Genuine Concern For Our Clients

Our strength in litigation comes from our thorough preparation and willingness to go the distance for our clients. Every case is given the attention it warrants, so if settlements offers are not reasonable, we are ready to take the case all the way through trial and beyond. Our methods have proven successful against large organizations with vast legal resources, whether we are representing individuals or groups in class action lawsuits.

For more information when you contact us, we will respond promptly, keep you informed and help you make the most effective decisions possible. We can be reached online or by telephone at 858-244-5032.

We handle cases for good people who have been treated unfairly. We never represent park owners or government agencies. That way our loyalties are never divided and we always fight for the rights of homeowners and park residents.

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