As one of the few firms with in-depth understanding of California’s mobilehome park closure laws, we exclusively represent resident homeowners in park closure cases.

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Distinguished California Mobilehome Litigation Lawyers

Your Home Is Your Life. Protect It.

At Tatro & Lopez, LLP, we do more than simply represent people; we take a stand for individuals, homeowners associations (HOAs) and groups of people organizing to protect their collective rights whose homes and financial futures are being jeopardized by park owners.

Our attorneys have developed a strong and distinguished reputation in the legal community as advocates for good people and good causes. Their skill in California mobile home park litigation is particularly noteworthy.

Handling Complex Mobilehome Issues

Tatro & Lopez, LLP, is one of the few law firms with an in-depth understanding of the California Mobilehome Residency Law and the economic factors at play in these complex cases. Our knowledge and outstanding trial presence level the playing field against highly influential and often unfair trailer park and mobilehome park owners, developers and local government agencies. And, unlike the other law firms, we exclusively represent homeowners, homeowners associations and park residents — never park owners or developers. We’re always on your side.

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