Distinguished California Mobilehome Litigation Lawyers

Your Home Is Your Life. Protect It.

At Tatro & Lopez, LLP, we do more than simply represent people; we take a stand for individuals, homeowners associations (HOAs) and groups of people organizing to protect their collective rights whose homes and financial futures are being jeopardized by park owners.

Our attorneys have developed a strong and distinguished reputation in the legal community as advocates for good people and good causes. Their skill in California mobilehome park litigation is particularly noteworthy.

Handling Complex Mobilehome Issues

Tatro & Lopez, LLP, is one of the few law firms with an in-depth understanding of the California Mobilehome Residency Law and the economic factors at play in these complex cases. Our knowledge and outstanding trial presence level the playing field against highly influential and often unfair trailer park and mobilehome park owners, developers and local government agencies. And, unlike the other law firms, we exclusively represent homeowners, homeowners associations and park residents — never park owners or developers. We're always on your side.


Getting Great Results In Mobilehome Park Cases And Park Closures

Not only have we brought peace of mind to hundreds of homeowners facing an uncertain future, we have gotten great results with multimillion-dollar awards against entities as large as the city of San Diego and Fortune 500 real estate developers.

Our most recent success is a $32 million judgment in favor of our clients in a class action park closure case where the city of San Diego tried to evict everyone from a mobilehome park. We have the skill, experience, grit and determination to not only take on the eighth largest city in the United States, but resoundingly win and vindicate our clients' rights under California's mobilehome residency law.

With our focused, high-caliber knowledge of this area of law, we have been able to force those large corporations, developers and municipalities to play by the rules. If you are a homeowner and are being threatened with park closure or park-wide eviction, we can try to help you, too. Click here for more information about mobilehome park closures, or contact us immediately.

Have Your Questions Answered And Your Needs Addressed

Any organization or agency — whether park management, ownership, developer or their hand-picked relocation specialist — that offers you money for your home or land in order to have you leave the property is not necessarily looking out for your best interests. You worked long and hard for your mobilehome, and you should be allowed to keep it or be paid fairly for it.

We work aggressively and relentlessly to defend your best interests in a wide range of mobilehome park issues, including:

  • Mobilehome park closures
  • Mobilehome park conversion and change of use
  • Park-wide evictions
  • Failure to maintain the mobilehome park and common areas
  • Protecting mobilehome park homeowners' rights
  • Utility issues impacting entire mobilehome parks
  • Class actions involving mobilehome owners and HOAs

We specialize in providing representation regarding issues that impact the entire mobilehome park. It is for this reason that we so often represent HOAs and individuals involved in class actions lawsuits.

We keep up with the latest developments in this niche area of law to make sure all issues are addressed for our clients. Do not let your home be taken from you without speaking with an experienced lawyer who understands your concerns and your legal rights.

For More Information

When you contact us, we will respond promptly, keep you informed and help you make the most effective decisions possible. We can be reached online or by telephone at 858-244-6584.