Aggressively Protecting Mobilehome Park Homeowners Rights

Every mobile home owner, mobile home park tenant and homeowners association (HOA) in San Diego, across Southern California and throughout the state has specialized legal rights, but few people (or lawyers) understand the full extent of those rights. This makes it far too easy for large organizations or real property developers to approach owners of manufactured housing and force homeowners and tenants out of their homes without proper payment.

This is a violation of your rights as a mobile home owner, and it’s crucial that you do not sit idly by and let it happen.

The most effective method for protecting your best interests involves working collaboratively with fellow mobile home park homeowners to fight back. The experienced attorneys at Tatro & Lopez, LLP, can help you and your fellow homeowners leverage the power of numbers to turn things around and bring predatory organizations down while protecting your home and financial future.

Our firm’s experience in this highly nuanced and complex area of law stands apart. Our attorneys are uniquely versed in the economic factors at play in the purchase and sale of mobile home parks, closing or converting parks for other uses, and how those factors often infringe on homeowners’ rights.

When you contact our firm, you will be able to interact and communicate directly with the attorney who represents you, and receive representation that is tailored to your needs.

You Deserve To Keep Your Home Or Be Paid Fairly For What You Have Earned

Companies that offer to buy property (and value it far below a fair price) will often assert that a homeowner will never be able to contest the impending sale or fight back against developers or municipalities. The truth is, you can, with the leverage of exceptional attorneys who know the ins and outs of the unique mobile home park laws.

No matter what relationship you have with the homeowners around you, or with your homeowners association, these groups are your biggest allies in fighting back against unfair mobile home park closures, conversions, “change of use” and park-wide evictions. Our firm can help you uphold your rights under the California Mobilehome Residency Law and local ordinances to give you a stronger voice against the large companies that try to silence you.

Know your rights and get involved. The following are great resources for all mobilehome park homeowners, tenants and residents:

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