De Anza Cove HOA, et al. v. City Of San Diego

De Anza Cove HOA, et al. v. City of San Diego

Practice Area: Land Use/Zoning/Class Action

Outcome: $32 million judgment

De Anza

Description: The City of San Diego, which owns and operates the De Anza Cove mobile home park, tried to close the park and evict all the homeowners without adhering to California law and the Mobilehome Residency Law which requires the city to help relocate all the people who are going to lose their homes when the park closes. Certified as a class action on behalf of hundreds of homeowners and residents, the case was successfully tried and judgment was entered against the city at an estimated value of $32 million, including the court ordering the defendant to pay attorneys' fees and costs. Instead of as little as $4,000 per home as the city originally offered to pay, the court judgment resulted in an average of over $75,000 per home.